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UK Tier 1 investor visa services

For US citizens entering the UK, we construct an investment portfolio to meet the criteria laid out by the UK Border Agency. We maintain a close working relationship with your other advisers to ensure your portfolio, and the reporting of it, are in accordance with UKBA and any legal advisers’ requirements.

We create an investment portfolio designed to meet our clients' individual needs and appetite for risk. A minimum of £2 million will be invested in UKBA ‘qualifying’ securities, and your investment manager will regularly monitor your portfolio to ensure it is continuously invested over the defined period, and in accordance with Tier 1 rules.

In line with UKBA requirements, our clients receive regular reporting that includes confirmation that UKBA parameters have not been breached, and investments have been maintained for the period.

Your investment manager has genuine expertise working with and advising US connected clients in the UK, as well as experience managing Tier 1 investor portfolios.