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For each other

Showing our resilience, our kindness and our strength for each other

For each other

We are all currently adapting to a major change in our daily life due to the spread of the coronavirus. With many now in isolation, it can be challenging to support friends, family members and colleagues, amongst others. Over the past few weeks, as the realisation of this pandemic has hit home, we have found ourselves thankful for many things. For the NHS, for the community spirit we’re seeing in towns up and down the country, thankful for our family and friends, thankful to our colleagues as we set up daily calls and video chats to keep the camaraderie alive.

We are also thankful for this time to take stock and appreciate the little things. In the weeks and months ahead, it is the little things that will get us through these troubled times together. A daily dose of sunshine. More time for home-cooking. More time with our families, when usually we might be commuting. We are thankful for all of these things and more. We are thankful to you, our client, for placing your trust in us.

Showing our resilience, our strength and our kindness

We have launched, For each other, where we can come together to show our resilience, our strength and our kindness for each other. We're asking you to share with us moments that you are thankful for. This could be a book review, top recommendations for Netflix, exercise ideas for beginners, recipes from cupboard essentials, jokes, gardening and DIY tips, working from home advice, a photo of the view from your window, or simply being thankful for the slower pace of life and time with family.

What are you thankful for?

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We look forward to hearing from you.


Big or small, what are you thankful for?

At LGT Vestra US, the feeling of ‘belonging’ is important to us. Here we share each other's stories of thankfulness as we aim to foster a virtual community and reinforce the message that we are here for each other.