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Shared experience

Our people have extensive wealth management experience gained at some of the world's leading financial institutions. By working closely together, we are able to draw on our varied skills and knowledge, allowing us to treat each portfolio individually and meet the unique needs of every client.

While our backgrounds might be different, we share a few beliefs and values in common. In particular, a friendly, open attitude to client relationships, a willingness to embrace new ways of working, and a desire to work towards our clients' best interests.

  • Senior management
  • Investment and Portfolio managers
  • Investment assistants
  • Operations
  • Paul Nixon

    CEO and Board of Directors, LGT Vestra US
  • Ben Snee

    CEO LGT Vestra LLP, Board of Directors LGT Vestra US
  • Steven Payne

    CCO and Board of Directors, LGT Vestra US
  • Miles Berryman

    Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Nick Blogg

    Investment Manager
  • Todd A. Cowan

    Wealth Manager
  • Gary Donald

    Assistant Wealth Manager
  • Chris Gabbett

    Wealth Manager
  • Tammy Hall

    Portfolio Manager
  • Sally Gardner

    Senior Investment Assistant
  • Archie Robins

    Investment Assistant
  • Christopher McCann

    Operations Manager