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Efficient management structure

LGT Vestra US is a specialist subsidary of UK-based wealth management firm LGT Vestra LLP. LGT Vestra LLP is a partnership between the executive partners and the Private Banking Group LGT, owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

We have efficient management and organisational structures allowing us to make decisions quickly and independently, establishing a long-term corporate strategy.

  • LGT Vestra US Limited Board
  • LGT Vestra LLP Governing Board
  • LGT Vestra LLP Management Board
  • Paul Nixon

  • Steven Payne

  • Ben Snee

  • Olivier de Perregaux

    Non Executive Director
  • Olivier de Perregaux
  • Olivier de Perregaux

    CEO LGT Private Banking
  • Thomas Piske

    CEO LGT Private Banking – Non-Executive Chairman
  • Michael Bürge
  • Michael Bürge

    CFO LGT Private Banking
  • Heinrich Henckel
  • Heinrich Henckel

    CEO LGT Bank Switzerland
  • Dr. André Lagger

    CEO LGT Financial Services
  • Ben Snee

    CEO LGT Vestra
  • David Hall

    Non Executive Member
  • Ben Snee

  • William Habberfield

  • Paul Martin

    Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance
  • Tony Allan

    Partner and Head of Business Development
  • Sanjay Rijhsinghani

  • Tim Mizzi

    Partner and Finance Director
  • Joanna Shackleton

    Partner and Head of Human Resources
  • John Jopp
  • John Jopp

    Partner and Head of Front Office

LGT Group organisational structure

Roles and responsibilities in the LGT Group Foundation are defined in a clear corporate governance structure. For further information, please use the links below.

LGT Corporate Governance Structure

LGT Foundation Board

LGT Management Private Banking – Senior Management Board