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LGT Vestra US

Golf Day for The London Warriors American Football Programme - Aug 2017

Neil Williams, Investment Director, LGT Vestra US

Participating in sport and physical activity can play a vital role in our lives as part of a healthy work-life balance. People participate in physical activity in a variety of different ways whether it be taking part in an individual or team sport, going to the gym, or as their commute to work. Whilst keeping fit is a healthy aspect of participating in sport, it has also become big business. Sport, in all its varieties, is entertainment and in the case of particular sports, broadcasting companies are paying large sums of money for the rights to showcase certain sporting events. With the advent of social media and technology, business models are changing and money continues to flood into sport from advertising, to sponsorship, to ownership. Those lucky few who are fortunate enough to participate in sport at an elite level have the potential to earn large sums of money over a relatively short career.

Aside from professional aspirations, participating in sporting endeavours from an early age can help teach young people many of life’s virtues and help them to explore and develop lifelong skills and traits. Whilst the physical and health benefits are recognised, the social and mental benefits are often overlooked. Sport brings together people from different backgrounds and communities and whilst not everyone will go on to become a professional athlete, participating in sport can provide enjoyment as well as a sense of purpose and belonging. Participating in sport, however, can come at a price with membership fees and equipment. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the financial means to participate in certain sports. The debate on how money trickles down from the top of a game to the grass roots level is of course one that will rage on, but helping young people find sport and giving them the opportunity to learn and develop can help turn lives around.

This year, LGT Vestra US hosted its 4th Annual Golf Day at the London Golf Club and we were very proud to raise funds to help with the development of The London Warriors Urban American Football Programme. Originally established in 2005 as a youth team, the London Warriors is now a leading American football programme which helps young people across London both on and off the field. The Warriors’ Programme is about more than just sport and it is the work off-field to address the various challenges that face young people in the community that defines the initiative. Their ‘Pathways to Work’ scheme supports players in the world of work and understanding the link between on-field performance and off-field success. The Warriors’ Programme supports players of all ages in their ambitions, both academically and professionally. The legacy of inclusion, ambition and development forms the foundation of the programme and LGT Vestra US are proud to help and support the Warriors to help children of all ages realise their potential.

For more information on the London Warriors Programme click here.