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LGT Vestra US

Putting clients first

Over the past few years there have been a number of significant changes in both US tax and securities laws. Some of these changes led to many financial institutions severing ties with any US person living outside of the US.

Aware of the impact that the changes in legislation had, we recognised that there was a need for persons with a connection to the US to have their investments looked after by an entity dedicated to creating investment solutions specifically for clients paying their taxes in both jurisdictions.

A wholly owned subsidiary of LGT Vestra LLP, LGT Vestra US is created with the sole aim of servicing the specific investment needs required by persons with a connection to the US. LGT Vestra US is one of a few UK based wealth managers that can offer specific investment portfolios and reporting which is suited to clients with UK and US tax reporting obligations, from accidental Americans to foreign non-grantor trusts.